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Step 1

Our full-time doctors receive mentorship from an experienced First Choice Dental Doctor to accomplish the following: develop clinical skills, learn the ropes of First Choice Dental, develop their patient base and familiarize themselves with multiple clinics. Touching multiple clinics and working with different doctors creates a well-rounded associate and sets them up for success.


Step 2

While still in the one on one mentor/mentee relationship we ask our new providers to begin taking on more responsibility in a leadership capacity. Being a trusted contributor to the office/company culture and stepping into the role of Lead Doctor. Leading a successful First Choice Dental location while still growing a patient following. Continued compensation growth with potential bonus earnings.

Step 3

At this point we would like to see our doctors show the ability to transition out of their mentor/mentee relationship. At this stage of your employment, you are a trusted provider whom has taken on more leadership responsibilities and management responsibilities. Showing continuous growth in your location, success in patient retention, top notch quality dentistry and upholding First Choice Dental values. The doctor would begin working with the First Choice Dental, Dental Director to expand the services offered in the practice. Continued compensation growth with potential bonus earnings.

Step 4

Complete transition from mentor/mentee relationship to a relationship with the Dental Director. Participation in clinical decision at a higher level within the Clinical Leadership Committee. Participation in the CLC with eligibility to be elected by peers as a voting CLC member. There is ownership potential at this point provided all criteria stated in prior steps has been met at exceptional level. Continued compensation growth with potential bonus earnings.


Opportunity to work for a top practice in the Madison Area with top of the line technology without any of the “extra” headaches. Schedule flexibility, not having to worry about managing or making leadership decisions. The ability to maintain excellent benefits with competitive compensation while maintaining a part-time schedule.

Benefits for Doctors