EEO Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity

First Choice Dental is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is committed to the diversity of our workforce. We value our employees’ unique talents and strive to create an environment where every employee feels that they belong, they are respected, and they deliver the best clinical outcomes and customer service with the best team in dentistry. 

It is our policy to employ the best qualified candidates in all positions, to provide equal opportunity for advancement, and to administer our policies in a manner that does not discriminate against or give preference to any person for any reason, including race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, handicap, disability, sex, genetic information, marital status, age, sexual orientation, arrest record, conviction record, military service, citizenship status, veteran status, use or nonuse of lawful products off of the employer's premises during nonworking hours, or any other basis protected by applicable law. 

First Choice Dental is committed to assuring:

• A safe and supportive work environment, where employees and applicants safe from harassment, intimidation, threats, retaliation, coercion, or discrimination. 

• All recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, and other employment- related programs are offered on an equitable and equal opportunity basis.

• Employment decisions are based on the principles of equal opportunity. All personnel actions such as compensation, benefits, transfers, training, discipline, termination, and promotion are made without regard to any characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law.

• Employees and applicants with disabilities will not experience discrimination in any phase of the employment relationship including application for employment, hiring, promotions or advancement opportunities, termination, compensation, training and any other conditions or privileges of employment.

First Choice Dental fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, and state disability laws.

If you require reasonable accommodations for your disabilities, then please contact the Human Resources Manager. First Choice is committed to providing accommodations to the extent required by law. All requests for reasonable accommodations will be considered consistent with the business needs of the Company in accordance with state and federal law. 

First Choice Dental believes in and practices equal opportunity. All employees are responsible for supporting the concept of equal opportunity and diversity. Direct any questions about this policy to the Human Resources Manager, who serves as the Company’s Equal Opportunity Coordinator and are responsible for assuring compliance with this policy.