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On-boarding for Long-term Success


Our hygienists start their careers knowing the expectation is to nail the basics – be a team player, follow protocols, deliver quality patient care. But at First Choice Dental, that’s just the beginning. We offer competitive pay and benefits for hygienists and work with flexible schedules to ensure you can live your life outside the walls of our clinics. Every day, our hygienists dedicate themselves to delivering care that exceeds our patient’s expectations. We do this by setting clear expectations through training, collaboration and continual self-improvement.


Clear expectations are established from the start so that all our talented hygienists are practicing hygiene at the same consistently high level and helping their team set and achieve daily and long-term goals. Our training program helps our people adhere to protocols for exams, x-rays, oral cancer screenings, prevention methods and periodontal diagnosis, and it all starts in the classroom led by a dedicated trainer. Once the classroom experience has concluded, hygienists graduate to hands-on training with a dedicated hygiene mentor. This lasting relationship offers hygienists ongoing support, including one-on-one progress updates each month.


Taking a team-approach is key to a successful and smooth operating system, which is why we also rely on a strong spirit of collaboration. At First Choice Dental, our hygienists work side-by-side with doctors to care for patients’ health and are always encouraged to communicate their observations and recommendations so that the entire care team is on the same page. This collaborative approach, grounded in clear expectations, communication and mutual respect, fosters an environment where everyone can learn, grow and succeed.


Working towards long-term goals and continual self-improvement is a priority at First Choice Dental, which is why we offer a hygienist training program that emphasizes continuing education and support, so that our hygienists always have opportunities to learn and improve. Our multi-step professional development process offers flex time built into every hygienist’s schedule the first week of seeing patients and beyond if necessary, allowing for continual learning at a pace that best suits the individual.

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Top Technology & Equipment

In order to best optimize performance and quality patient care, sharp instruments and top technology are imperative to success. That’s why First Choice Dental has a comprehensive hygiene instrument program. Each team member has their own sets of instruments, so they can comfortably work with the instruments they know best. We send our instruments to be professionally examined and sharpened, and when instruments are beyond their useful life, they get replaced automatically. We are dedicated to making sure that every instrument in our clinics is in top condition. Because when our equipment is performing at its peak, our hygienists can concentrate on what matters most: delivering flawless the patient care First Choice Dental hygienists are known for.

Benefits for Hygienists